11 Insanely Creative DIY Father’s Day Gifts

11 Insanely Creative DIY Father’s Day Gifts

11 DIY Fathers Day Gifts | Gifts for Men | DIY

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With father’s day around the corner, I thought I’d start looking for a creative gift to make for my husband and dad. Then I figured, why not share the best with you all. So here you will find a collection of the some pretty awesome DIY Father’s Day Gifts from some amazing websites. Please visit each and subscribe.

Onto the DIY Gifts, enjoy…



1. How cute is this little tie tack. What better way for Dad to show off his amazing kids than with this cute litte fashion statement. Learn how to make this on ohhappyday.com.



2. Does Dad need a massage? Do the kiddos need playtime? Why not knock them both out with this fun and inexpensive DIY. Find this full tutorial at diy-is-fun.com.



3. This small tin can pool table is perfect for the “Man Cave” Dad. You won’t believe how simple this is to make. Find out how on blog.consumercrafts.com.

4. For those Dads that just loves the heat and smoke of the grill, create a tool to help him get those burgers out quicker. See how to make this at lilluna.com.



5. How creative are these little DIY coaster. You won’t believe how simple they were to make. Check out this tutorial for Dad on hip2save.com.



6. Now here’s a fun way to get the kids involved super simple yet creative DIY gift. Perfect for dad to hang up in his workshop. Learn how to create this at www.happinessishomemade.net.



7. Do you have the handy man type of Dad? What better treat than this stylish, yet functional handmade wrist band. This will definitely assist dad in his craft for hours. Find out how to make it here on www.myalteredstate.co.

8. For the golfing Dads out there, how about this creative handmade gift. It screams elegance for that perfect elegant man. Learn how this was created on www.madiganmade.com.



9. Dad and mustasches go together like bread and Bolgna. Create a mug just for Dad. Ok, well maybe for you too. Get the full tutorial on www.thepinningmama.com.



10. Now this DIY gift really tugs on the heart strings. It’s a creative way to simply spend more time with Dad. And, it couldn’t be more simple. Check out how www.theseasonedmom.com  put this together.



11. Calling all intellectual Dads. Could there be a finer marraige? This chess board made with nuts and bolts is simply exquisite. Want to know how this was created? Check out macgyverisms.wonderhowto.com for the details.


That’s a wrap guys. What did you think of these amazing DIY gifts for dad? Which one would you consider creating. Leave a comment for me below.


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11 DIY Fathers Day Gifts | Gifts for Men | DIY

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