Coffee Table Styling – Give that table some character


Coffee Table Styling


Hi Guys,

Welcome back! I recently uploaded a video to my YouTube Channel of me styling my Living Room coffee table. It’s amazing how adding a few items on a bare coffee table can liven up a room. If you’re wondering… Yes, this is the same table that I transformed a few weeks prior. Feel free to check out that blog here: Coffee Table Transformation

The items I used for this are as follows:

Candle Sticks | $29.00 – Kirklands
Gold Globe | $7.99 – Kirklands
Bag of Decorative Balls | $12.99 – HomeGoods
Stack of Storage Books | $9.99 – $14.99 – HomeGoods
Gold/Silver plate | $12.99 – HomeGoods
3 Scented Candles | $4.99 – Marshall’s

Here’s a photo of my items:

Coffee Table Styling Items

This was really fun. I think I may have changed it around 4 times before I settled with what I put on film. But that’s all part of the decorating experience.

Leave me a comment to let me know if and how you decorate your coffee tables. Also, check out my YouTube Channel where you’ll find videos of my home transformations.

For the love of Pinterest…

Coffee Table Styling - Pinterest Photo

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