How To Install Wall Moulding / Molding Trim

So, I’ve been in love with wood trim as wall moulding/molding. It’s so easy to install and adds so much drama to a wall. I really wasn’t trying to rhyme with that last sentence. *WINK*

So, we’ve done this in 2 rooms in our home. We added a wall full of wall trim in our game room. I also had 2 boxes on either side of a large mirror in our living room. After I decided to remove the large mirror and re-purpose in another area of my home, I was forced to add a 3rd box in the area the mirror once sat. This was great, because I was able to video record my technique and progress to share it with you guys. So, take a look at some of the pictures I have of before and after then feel free to watch the video.

Also, stop by my YouTube channel to check out other videos. Please subscribe while your there.

Well, gotta go…



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