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Boho Chic

Light, playful, and eclectic. This look is perfect for the inner hippie

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  1. String Lights: Perfect diamond-shaped string lights to hang over the bed. The natural color makes this a for sure Bohemian vibe.

  2. Feather Bedding: I’m so loving the feather pattern on this bedding.

  3. Yellow Throw Blanket: Warm tones, warm look, so soft to the touch. Don’t you just love pairing throw blankets with bedroom decor?

  4. Wooden Mirror: If this doesn’t scream boho chic! This cute little mirror is the perfect wall decor compliment.

  5. Flower Wall Art: Along with the wooden mirror, we wanted to add just a bit of color on our wall. But, this doesn’t have to be hung. Lay it against the wall on your shelf and it’s just as pretty.

  6. Three Vases: Simple yet effective. The color combination of the vases were the perfect companions to our Boho Chic room.

  7. White Fringe Lamp: I just love me some fringe. Many elements in our room have tassels and fringe. It’s just the boho way. But this lamp is just downright glam in this eclectic boho room.

  8. Wooden Chest: This wooden piece of furniture is natural and solid. Earthy like the boho spirit. Loving it in this space.

  1. Woven Planter Basket: You can’t have a room like this and not add some greenery. This planter pot is an awesome addition to this space. Add a natural plant or even a faux one to give this room a green pop.

  2. Blue Tribal Print Rug: Yep. I said tribal print. It’s all the jazz these days and I’m taking advantage of it in the room. The lovely colors of this rug give our room a much-needed blast of color. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the natural tones.

  3. Wall Shelves: I just love it when you can add a touch of decoration and not take up floor space. These shelving units are the perfect style to fit in our Boho them, plus they have a large enough shelf space to hold your essential school items when you’re not using them. Can you say functional?

  4. Orange Barrel Stool: I know, I know, the orange barrel stool is more Chinoiserie Chic, but I couldn’t resist. I mean look at this color!! Besides, the Boho style is a bit eclectic and leaves way to quirky design elements as this. Besides, it fits just perfectly so, I won’t tell if you won’t.

  5. Wooden Desk: Another natural wooden piece to ground the room. This desk is classic and has a bit of retro flair, but perfect for that student working late nights on homework and/or projects.

  6. Woven Chair: The egg shape chair. I really love these hanging, but for our student, legs will work out just fine. I can picture them texting, taking photos, and laughing with friends here. Can’t you?

  7. Flower Pillows: Ok. These flower pillows are sooo stinkin’ cute. They come in so many hippie-like colors, it was hard to choose just a few.

Disclosure Statement: This post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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