Insanely Cute College Dorm Room or Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas – Mood Board

I Heart Grey & Pink

Soft, Delicate, Cute. This look is perfect for the inner girly girl

Grey Pink College Dorm Room or Teen Bedroom Mood Board
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  1. Grey Bedding: I love the soft and cozy yet simple look of this micro mink comforter set. This easy maintenance group is perfect for a teen or young adult’s bedding. And guess what?… IT’S REVERSIBLE! Enjoy the glam side grey side or flip it to reveal the classic white.

  2. Geometric Wall Art: So I wanted to add a bit more drama to an already complex art print, so I added 2 in the inspiration and flipped one upside down. I love the black to pink gradient and the gold blocks within. Plus, there’s a matching pillow (such a bonus)

  3. Marble Lamp: Illuminate your room with this snazzy faux marble and gold table lamp. The marble grain is created to mimic Carera marble. It’s approximately 16×10 so it will fit perfectly on a nightstand or desk. In our inspiration board, it is staged as the baby brother to our marble floor rug.

  4. Nightstand: Beautiful soft silver nightstand sits approximately 22x17x26. It is adorned with glamorous faux crystal pulls and a fabulous croc print vinyl drawer fronts. Wouldn’t you love waking up to this each morning?

  5. Gold Bunny Lamp: Hey you!!! Hop on over here and share some light!!! Isn’t this just the cutest little accent piece to place on your desk? I can’t think of a more fun way to work than to work by this light.

  6. Desk: Use this chic desk as a working space when you need it. When you’re done, store your paperwork, tech devices, and writing utensils right underneath. This gorgeous desk is approximately 40×30″ and 20″ deep. It boasts as the perfect mate to the blush chair.

  7. Blush Desk Chair: Yes, please! Home Depot, I didn’t know you had this in you. LITERALLY! When searching for a chair to complement the desk above, this blush roller jumped right out. Glam and function at it’s best. This velvet beauty, appropriately named Dusky Rose, is adjustable 17-20″.

  8. Marble Rug: A marble rug?! Yes, A MARBLE RUG!!! This rug would make a gorgeous focal point in any room, instantly turning it from blah to Ahhhhhh. Isn’t it breath-taking in our inspiration? You can purchase this in 5’3 x 7’7 or 7’10 x 10’10.

  9. Pink Throw Blanket: This beautiful blush throw blanket is not only GORGEOUS but soft and lush. Wrap up in this while watching TV or studying on those chilly nights. It is made from Polyester and can be machine washed.

  10. Silver Poufs: I just love love love functional decorations. Of course, you need seating in a bedroom and these upscale poufs are simply luxurious? It comes in a soft ivory fur and a silver silkscreen pattern and is approximately 18″ around.

  1. Pink & Gold Throw Pillow: Can you say Sophisticated Glam Chic. This 20″ throw pillow is a plush velvet adorned with metallic gold threading. Gold can be used in a space to add warmth, and this pillow does just that while being fabulous.

  2. Grey Fur Throw Pillow: This 18″ grey fur throw pillow is perfect to add dimension and texture to a bed.

  3. Grey & Silver Throw Pillow: This 20″ pillow is very pretty. I chose grey and silver in the inspiration, but it also comes in gold which would look really good as well. It is cotton and silkscreen, which means easy maintenance.

  4. Metallic Lips Throw Pillow: Ok ok, I couldn’t help it. This throw pillow is just cute. We must stay playful and these metallic lips are just that on the bed.

  5. Geometric Throw Pillow: If you haven’t noticed, I really love geometric patterns. It’s always great to include different pillow shapes and sizes on your bed. And did you notice, it complements the wall art?

  6. Pink Flower Throw Pillow: Petals and petals of gorg y’all. This pillow 13″ around. I don’t think a bed can have enough pillows but if there is a limit, don’t forget this beauty.

  7. Black & White Striped Planter: This low profile planter is perfect for your succulents. What better way to display your greenery. The black and white painted ceramic bowl grounds the room, but aren’t those little feet just adorable?

  8. Ampersand Tabletop Statue: AND?!!! It’s rustic but sooooooo cute. Add this tabletop statue to give that pink bookshelf some character.

  9. Pink Bookstand: Who says you can’t have beauty and function. This Pink Bookstand is exactly that. It has that glam feel with pink lacquer lust finish and gold trim, but add a basket and you have the perfect storage place. It is approximately 5’x3′ and about 12″ deep.

  10. White Planter: Another cute planter that can occupy shelf space on your bookstand. Not only is the white refreshing, but I’m also in love with the geometric shape.

Disclosure Statement: This post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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