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Blush “Pink” Inspired

Soft & Delicate touches of blush pink grounded sophisticated by black & gold accent pieces.

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I wanted to share a few of the main colors used to pull together this room. The super trendy blush pink is chic and modern. Off white, light and dark gray are perfect neutral complementary shades. Earth tones such as gold, bronze, and browns as well as black balances the pink giving it a bit of sophistication.

Pink Living Room Mood Board

Feel free to browse through the items I chose to put together this room.

1. Chandelier: OMGeeeee! This chandelier reminds me of a cute little golden fringe dress. Shimmy some light, why don’t ya!

2. Wall Art: I am a sucker for abstract. This piece gives that sophisticated gray/gold combination that’s perfect for this room.

3. Sofa: Oh yeah! Can you say sweet & chic? I am loving the soft velvet blush on this sofa. I wouldn’t know whether to take sit on it or take photos of it.

4. Geometric Rug: Something about geometric decor makes elevates a room’s decor. This rug 9×12 rug is a perfect anchor of any room.

5. Black Accent Chairs: These accent chairs can be designed in a variety of fabrics and/or wood finishes. I found the mink upholstery and almond color finish most pleasing in this room combination.

6. Black & Marble Coffee Table: Look at the sleek little silhouette of this end table. It is the perfect addition of glam to this room.

7. Crystal Table Lamp: Bling, Bling, Bling! This table lamp screams bling. So, doesn’t that make it perfect for this room? Yes, I say it does!

8. Black & Gold Coffee Table: I am loving the sleek little golden bars that wrap this round coffee table. And the blacktop is so elegant and definitely adds dimension to the room.

9. Pink Faux Lilies: The best alternative to real lilies are faux ones. Plus, these beauties will look amazing for a lifetime.

10. Blush Shag Pillow: BAM! Can you say GLAM? This shiny blush shag pillow is the perfect companion to our blush sofa.

11. Leopard Print Pillow: Grrrrr. This cat is clawing to be part of this room. The gorgeous earthy tones in this fabric are perfect for grounding the room.

12. Black & Gold Pillow: I couldn’t complete this room without adding a black and gold pillow to it. And you already know how I feel about geometric patterns. LOVE.

13. Black & Gold Cabinet: I don’t think I could have found a better cabinet. I am loving the starburst pattern on the metallic golden doors.

14. Black Decorative Box: This decorative black glass box is not only a classy but functional addition to the room. Store your not so appealing living room items here. ie: the remote control.

15. Gold Flower Pot: This cute little pot was yerning to be added to this room. It is perfectly paired with our faux foliage.

16. Spike Faux Plant: You may not believe it, but I do love a real plant. But the faux foliage created today can fool even the trained eye. I love the bushy nature of this shrub displayed on the cabinet.

17. Blush Curtains: Gorgeous, soft, 2-panel pack blackout blush curtains available in a variety of sizes. I love draping these from ceiling to floor.

18. Peace Sign Sculpture: Peace! The perfect way to end this design with this cool little trendy statue.

Disclosure Statement: This post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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Pink Living Room Mood Board

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I hope you all have a blessed day.

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