Hey there Loves!!!! I am soo exciting to be participating in the #1room30days challenge with my friend Alaya at Behind the Green Door. If you are not already following this lovely and talented woman, then you are truly missing out. What are you waiting for!!!?? 😜


For this make over, I’ve decided to do my dining room. The room doesn’t look horrible, but because it’s right next to my finished “fit for a Queen” living room , it looks less than par.

Living Room Tour #homedecor #baroqueinterior #glam with Angela East at

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So let’s discuss this dining room. When we purchased our home, the dining room had drapery finials all around the inside of the room. Seeing this and finding a weird plate and pamphlet on how to speak to the dead, I was convinced that the previous owners used this room for something a bit supernatural 😳. Needless to say, I walked through and blessed my home before moving in. I was not interested in housing any uninvited guests, if you catch my drift😜.

Dining Room Makeover #homedecor #1Room30Days #glam with Angela East at


The first thing I did when we moved in was paint. I chose a deep “eggplant” purple for this room. Okay, to be honest, this color was way outside of my “wall color” comfort zone. Luckily the Hubster stepped and chose this color. What do you know, it was a score 🙌🏾.

Dining Room Makeover #homedecor #1Room30Days #glam with Angela East at


I also decided to have the carpet replaced. Yes it looks similar, but the new carpet was a much lighter version of the old.

Dining Room Makeover #homedecor #1Room30Days #glam with Angela East at

From there, I was tired of looking at the old light fixture, so I decided to replace it with this crystal chandelier found at ZGallerie. With the assistance of my lovely daughters, we managed to get it up in one piece. Well sorta.

Dining Room Makeover #homedecor #1Room30Days #glam with Angela East at

Dining Room Makeover #homedecor #1Room30Days #glam with Angela East at

Dining Room Makeover


A few months and a few embellishments later, I ended up with something like this.

Dining Room Makeover #homedecor #1Room30Days #glam with Angela East at

That center piece is a hot mess. The vase was purchased from ZGallerie. Unfortunately one of the kids knock over and broke years ago. It has been super glued over and over again. And is now sitting upside down 🙈. All of my dining room furniture is from IKEA. I’ve had it for years. Though it may not be the prettiest, it’s still in really good condition. I will admit, those chair covers are, umm… Let’s just say they are not working. And on a side note, WHY IN THE HECK DO I HAVE THAT GREEN PILLOW THERE?!!! 😒


As you can see, I am not satisfied with the current state of this room. I often walked by it in disregard. When I take pictures of surrounding rooms, I go out of my way to take them at angles where this room is not seen. And if all of that wasn’t enough, quite often it becomes storage for items that are in the way or not being used.

The #1room30days challenge could not have come at a better time. And I am more motivated now than ever since we’ve recently had hardwood floors installed.

Dining Room Makeover #homedecor #1Room30Days #glam with Angela East at


If you are wondering what my plans are, I have to admit that I am unsure but I can start with this:

  • I love purple walls, but I’m truly entertaining changing the color.
  • I definitely need to re-organize the room.
  • I know I need to re-arrange the furniture around or even replace it.
  • I should probably add some drapes and a rug.
  • Maybe I’ll even add foliage (Faux of course, cause Lord knows I am not good with live plants)

Though I don’t have true direction yet, I am beyond excited to see the final outcome. If you are interested in seeing progress pictures, I’ll more than likely post them on Instagram @iamangelaeast. So be sure to follow me there.

Be sure to check back here at the end of April to see the final reveal. Have a wonderful weekend.

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Dining Room Makeover #homedecor #1Room30Days #glam with Angela East at

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  • Hey Angela! this cracked me up! I also wonder what previous owners were thinking when I just see something crazy! I’m so glad that you joined and cannot wait to see your progress. What colors are you thinking of if you repaint. Oh and also, love the hardwood flooring!

    • I_AM_Angela_East
      April 11, 2016 10:02 am

      Hey Alaya! Girl, I didn’t know what to think when I saw those finials AND THEN THE PLATE AND PAMPHLET!! I was done. LOL. Like why leave that behind?!! I’m not sure if I will repaint, but if I do, I’m thinking something more on the teal pallet. My Hubby says I should leave well enough alone. Of course it will depend on if I have enough time to get it done. 😛 Have a blessed week, Hun. See you in the group.

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